A good morning starts with a good breakfast

Breakfast Menu

From the buffet…

Chilled orange, grapefruit or apple juice
Fruit yoghurts
Fresh fruit bowl
Breakfast cereals
Grapefruit segments, peaches and pears in syrup

Assorted breads for toast with gluten-free selection

From the kitchen…

Full English Breakfast

Emsworth sausage, grilled bacon, eggs (fried, scrambled or poached), grilled tomato, freshly cooked mushrooms and baked beans
Vegetarian and vegan options available

Salmon muffin

Toasted English muffin with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon

On toast…

Choice of fried, poached or scrambled eggs or beans

Hot Beverages

English breakfast tea
Cafetiere of Emsworth Coffee
Decaffeinated tea and coffee
Cadbury’s hot chocolate
A selection of fruit and herbal teas